Hi, I’m Martijn.

I help guys that are already ‘kinda strong’ and get them really strong. Grab my personal cheat sheet I use to set up highly effective training programs, that took a 132lbs. skinny weakling from not being able to bench the bar to deadlifting 3x his own body weight and winning silver at the nationals.


Discover How A Skinny 132 lbs. Weakling Who Couldn’t Bench An Empty Bar... DEADLIFTS 3x HIS BODYWEIGHT... and wins Silver at the RAW Nationals!

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Discover Tips and Tricks On How to Conquer Dominate and Crush Your 1st Powerlifting Meet. (4.5 Star rating on Amazon)

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“Martijn has the special ability of being able to understand abstract concepts and make them applicable to real-world training. I’ve never been anything less than impressed with what I’ve seen from him.”

– Greg Nuckols, Stronger by Science

“During my PT Course it became clear that Martijn is strongly driven to continuously improve his knowledge on strength training. Martijn is open for new ideas and has the ability to translate scientific insights into practical results.”

– Menno Henselmans, Bayesian Bodybuilding

“In just 2 months both my squat and deadlift went up 65lbs, my bench increased by 25lbs. Martijn knows what works.”

– Daniel Schooneveld

“My lifts were sky rocketing with Martijn’s program. For the first time ever I pressed the magical 2 plate bench at a 80kg bodyweight… WHILE I was getting leaner!”

– Vincent Rutjes


Getting Smart With Daily Undulating Periodization

Let me start with a question for you. What's the first 'real' program you tried? Was it StrongLifts? 5/3/1? 5x5? Starting Strength maybe? Or did you jump in at The Texas Method? I did a few of the above. I did 5/3/1 for example, but I think there are better and faster...

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7 Awesome Powerlifting Books You Need To Read

Imagine being coached by Mark Rippetoe, Louie Simmons, Marty Gallagher, Tim Henriques, Zatsiorski and Verkhoshansky... Chances of that happening are literally zero. But you can still gain access to each and everyone of these experts. They all have written books on...

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3 Reasons High-Frequency Training Is Objectively Better

High-Frequency Training is objectively better for 3 reasons. I can prove it. Read this blog if you want to know more. The concept of training muscle groups multiple times per week is not new. In fact, I found this piece of 2009 on Muscular Development talking about...

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Get your hands on my cheat sheet for setting up training programs that took a 132lbs. skinny weakling from not being able to bench the bar to deadlifting 3x his own body weight and winning silver at the nationals.