Hi, I’m Martijn.

and I was bitten by the iron bug ever since that embarrassing moment in high school when I couldn’t bench the 45lbs bar.

For years I was hopping from one strength training program to another. I even did the bodybuilding routines from popular fitness magazines.

Then I got smarter and switched to more sensible routines like the Texas Method and 5/3/1.

But I Always Got Frustrated

But I always got frustrated because I would always hit a plateau after a while…

I would feel depressed for days, often thinking “Why can’t I make any REAL progress?”

That’s why I dived deep into the science and practice of strength training and I finally discovered what works and what doesn’t work.

Fast Forward To Today

I now deadlift 3x my own body weight… And squat of more than twice my body weight. My bench press still isn’t my strongest lift. But with a 1.5x body weight press I am not doing too shabby.

And after all the years of frustration, plateaus and lack of any real

It Feels Awesome…

This didn’t happened overnight. This stuff took me years to figure out.

And now I’m on a mission to create the best powerlifting blog on the planet. Providing you with knowledge in strength training, nutrition and motivation. All focused on powerlifting. Because that is what I know best.

I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

Ok, I don’t consider myself really a big deal. But I did write an international Kindle bestseller.

And I’m regularly featured on websites like Strengtheory, EliteFTS, JTSStrength, JMAX Fitness, Lift The Bar, Healthy Living Heavy Lifting and more.

Besides my own private coaching clients, I also wrote for and acted as a powerlifting coach with Shredded By Science. An international evidence based coaching company based in the UK.

Anyone who wants to become bigger, stronger and faster should be able do that with the information I share on this website.

Even if you’re not a powerlifter.

A No BS Approach

There will be a no BS approach to powerlifting. Without bias. In hopes of dispelling the myths that are rife in the field of fitness, bodybuilding and strength training.

My goal is to be the ultimate resource for anyone that is interested in powerlifting and related matters.

Powerlifting University should be a truthful and unbiased compendium of knowledge, both in original content, product reviews and tips, as well as curated articles from other top powerlifting websites.

Ready To Bust Through Strength Plateaus Now?

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I can send you my personal simple 5 step formula that I use to setup ANY effective powerlifting routine or any other strength training program.

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