A Candid Interview With Natalie Kate Salm

WRITTEN BY Martijn Koevoets

She lifts AND does some modelling. How is this even possible…

Watch this to find out.

I first came across Natalie Kate Salm on Instagram and was frankly a bit puzzled at first when I was scrolling through her Instagram feed.

It’s a happy collection of powerlifting photos and video clips mixed with stunning photos of her modelling.

So here’s a gorgeous woman who isn’t afraid of getting too ‘bulky’ or ‘manly’ with powerlifting.

And since I’m not aware of too many female role models in the female powerlifting world I knew I had to get her on the show.

Once she decided to lose a bit of weight, she soon released I was fairly strong for her size, and thus her love for powerlifting was born.

In December 2013 she started powerlifting and placed in her first 2 novice comps she decided it was time to take my lifting to the next level and dedicate the next few years to become an Elite Powerlifter.

Natalie Kate Salm - Female Powerlifting - Deadlift - Powerlifting Blog

Nat is well on her way, so far she broke the RAW Junior 57kg Squat, Bench press, and Total record three times!

Plus, she represented Australia at the Asia and Oceanic Championships where she took first place and set new National and International records.

Can you see why I was excited to talk to this girl? After a bit of messaging back and forth, we made it happen.

Me in the tiny Netherlands and her in Iron Underground Gym in Brisbane, Australia. But thanks to the wonders of bits and bytes that make up the internet it worked.

Although I think the video will get a bit jaggedy at times because of the distance. I’m hoping you can see past that and like it anyway.

Natalie Kate Salm - Female Powerlifting - Powerlifting Blog

Follow Natalie Here

Instagram: @onerepnat
Facebook: One Rep Nat Stength & Conditioning

A Candid Interview With Natalie Kate Salm

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Huge shout out to Nat for taking the time to talk to me!


Author: Martijn Koevoets
Martijn is head honcho of Powerlifting University, a powerlifter, author, blogger, online coach & extreme metal aficionado. He also loves a good whiskey. He has been featured on websites like EliteFTS, JTSStrength, JMAX Fitness and more.

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