Squat Form Check With MK (Also Includes Bench & Deadlift)

WRITTEN BY Martijn Koevoets

Lifting is hard. We all need some opinions on our technique now and then… An extra pair of (expert) eyes can help. That’s why I’m sharing a few form checks with you today. 

You can find thorough guides on this blog about the squat, bench and deadlift. In it you can find detailed steps to ensure a proper setup and discover how to squat properly, everything about bench pressing form and proper form for deadlifts.

Once you’re set in your ways its hard to break free from them. Let’s face it…

NOTE: I know the title says Squat Form Check, but you’ll be glad that the bench press form check and deadlift form check are not left out.

Lifting is hard. We all need some opinions on our technique now and then… An extra pair of (expert) eyes can help.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing in these videos. I got the idea while browsing Reddit. Reddit is full of threads requesting a form check. Just see here, here and here for example.

I try to give at least ONE valuable tip in each of these videos. One is all you need to start improving your lifting form, it’s also impossible to focus on 100 things at the same time.

Below is a collection of short video’s I received from the powerlifters that are on my email list.

If you interested in getting a form check of your lifts then make sure you read this blog post all the way to the end. Don’t worry there’s no need to pull out your credit card, it’s 100% free.

These form checks only take me a few minutes and they can make a world of difference to you.

And since these quick tips might be of help to you too, I included them for you below.

As with powerlifting meets, let’s kick off with squats.

Squat Form Check

Roy Squat Form Check

This is a squat form check for Roy, he emailed me about the fact his knees are coming in a bit. But in my opinion that’s not the main thing…

Bench Press Form Check

Jake Bench Press Form Check

This  is a bench press form check for Jake. Jake is a top notch Welsh powerlifter with impeccable form. It’s close to perfect proper bench form. But there’s still a few tips I was able to give him. He also sent in a sumo deadlift video you can watch in the deadlift form check section.

Deadlift Form Check

Michael Deadlift Form Check

First up is Michael with a conventional deadlift. Michael actually sets up very good, but his hips are too low. They come up before the bar leaves the floor. Watch the video below to listen to my one tip.

Jake Deadlift Form Check

Next up is Jake from Wales again. His bench form was near perfect… and his sumo deadlift is just perfect. I had nothing to add to this deadlift form check but if you want to see an excellent example of proper sumo deadlift form then you  might want to watch this video now.

Nigel Deadlift Form Check

Where Michael was starting too low with his hips, Nigel below is actually starting too high with his hips and turns the deadlift in a stiff legged deadlift. But there’s one exercise that can help with that. Check it out in the video below.

Steve Deadlift Form Check

Last but not least, there’s Steve. Steve is doing conventional deadlifts and I’m glad I could give him some tips to improve his deadlift form.

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Author: Martijn Koevoets
Martijn is head honcho of Powerlifting University, a powerlifter, author, blogger, online coach & extreme metal aficionado. He also loves a good whiskey. He has been featured on websites like EliteFTS, JTSStrength, JMAX Fitness and more.

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