Renaissance Periodization PL Strength Training Templates Review

WRITTEN BY Martijn Koevoets

Here’s my in depth review of the Renaissance Periodization PL Strength Templates. In the video I also tell you my idea’s on how to use the Renaissance Periodization to put your training on auto pilot.

The Renaissance Periodization review with the title My Honest Review Of The Renaissance Periodization PL Hypertrophy Training Templates is one of the most popular posts on this blog.

So I figured you would like a review of the new Renaissance Periodization PL Strength Training Templates. In this blog post, I’ll show you what you can expect of the Renaissance Periodization PL Strength Training Templates.

Like the Hypertrophy Training templates, these templates are again designed by Mike Israetel and James Hoffmann.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the templates are similar in design and they go hand in hand with each other. But first, let take a minute see why these templates are so popular.

Are The Renaissance Templates Any Good?

The reality is that most people aren’t ready to take on a personal trainer. It’s expensive for one. And if you’re like me then you just like to keep in charge of your own training. Some people like to try stuff or just want to do the exercises they feel like doing on that day. If you’re on a strict program a personal trainer prescribed you then that’s not always possible.

With the Renaissance Periodization spreadsheet, you have the freedom to adjust the program as you see fit. If you have a day or 2 where you’re not feeling like following your program or adhering to your macro’s you don’t need to explain it to you coach.

Since personal training might not be the best option for everyone, these templates are a very nice alternative to still receive a high quality done for you training plan. Especially if you combine it with the hypertrophy training templates. Let’s take a better look at what these templates do, and more importantly… What they don’t.

What Is It For?

This template is designed to form the basis of your training to gain strength for powerlifting. You should after you have put on some serious size in a previous training cycle.

More muscle mass equals more strength potential, and this template makes sure you are realizing that potential. Don’t be one of those bodybuilders that looks like a brick house but can’t squat anything more than 2 plates a side. But as such the template isn’t really suited for the following:

  • Putting on strength for bodybuilding.
  • Putting on strength for strongman.
  • Putting on size for powerlifting.
  • Peaking for a powerlifting meet.
  • Crossfit, team sports, etc…

What Do You Get?

When you receive your template, you’ll get an email from Renaissance Periodization with 3 attachments: one spreadsheet and two text files. There’s an extensive FAQ document that contains 39 questions and answers. This document is 3307 words and 7 pages long!

If you have any other questions then you can ask those in the Renaissance Periodization Facebook group. You can get access if you purchased one of their products or services, which makes the group practically troll free, which is nice.

There’s also a detailed “how to” manual included. It will tell you exactly how to use the program and the included spreadsheet. It’s 5 pages long.

How To Put Your Training On Auto Pilot

The actual powerlifting strength training program is in the excel file and contains 3 sheets. On the second you will select all the exercises from a drop down in one column and enter your maxes in another column. Your program is basically done for you now.

The 3rd sheet will contain the actual training program. Like with the Renaissance Periodization hypertrophy templates there’s also a form of auto regulation built in. Depending on your rating the sets will be adjusted up or down, or not at all. Assuming you’ve survived week 4 of the accumulation phase, the 5th week of the plan is a deload. The purpose of this week is to preserve your fitness gains while dropping your fatigue off and allowing you to have another productive training cycle after this one.

After the deload week, you can re-program the template with different exercises and do another 5 weeks if you want. If you want to really put your training on auto pilot, then you can run the hypertrophy templates for a few cycles, and then do the strength training templates for another few cycles. In theory, this could last you 6 months! And to top it off you could use the Renaissance Periodization Auto Template, the diet ones, to make sure your diet is perfect as well.


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Scientific Principles Of Strength Training

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Author: Martijn Koevoets
Martijn is head honcho of Powerlifting University, a powerlifter, author, blogger, online coach & extreme metal aficionado. He also loves a good whiskey. He has been featured on websites like EliteFTS, JTSStrength, JMAX Fitness and more.

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