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Thank you for thinking of writing for us, and considering Powerlifting University for the publication of your original article.

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Before submitting your article, please keep in mind the following guidelines.

ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY – All articles must be 100% your own and original. Your article cannot appear anywhere else.

ARTICLE TITLE & SUBTITLE – Please do not send us a submission with a note that says, I don’t know what to call this. Instead, come up with a comprehensive title that states your idea, as well as a descriptive subtitle that explains it further.

If you need any  help coming up with a good title, take a look here.

ARTICLE CONTENT – Write on training, nutrition, or anything else related to powerlifting, and your article should be roughly 700–1500 words (2–4 pages) in length. If you’re trying to do a series of articles, send them all at once.

ARTICLE FORMATTING – Your article must be easy to read. There’s no need to go all Shakesparian, a 8th grader should be able to read your article. Or a Flesch Reading Ease Score between 60 – 70.

This may sound a little strange, since you’re not writing to 8th graders… But if you’re article is hard to read, even for people with a university degree, then nobody will read your article to the end.

Try this website if you need help to make your article easier to read. Remember, we’re aiming for around 8th grade level of writing. This translates to a Flesch Reading Ease Score between 60 – 70.

In addition to being easy to read, your article should be well organized. Break up your paragraphs, and be sure to use headlines to separate topics. This makes for easier editing, and easier reading.

Taking things a bit further, please make sure to use bolditalics, and underlining to create emphasis where applicable and/or necessary

ARTICLE SUMMARY – Nothing crazy, just a 2-3 sentence summary we can use as an excerpt. Think in terms of a Tweet or Facebook post.

ARTICLE KEYWORD(s)– Please include 1 to 3 keywords below. It’s basically how people will find you on Google.

For example, for my article “3 Reasons High-Frequency Training Is Objectively Better”, my key word is ‘high-frequency training’. Meaning that if people search on the internet for ‘high-frequency training’ that my article will popup.

We want your article to be read by as many people as possible.

ARTICLE PICTURES & VIDEO – Visual media is important for two reasons. Firstly, it can often help convey concepts more easily than the written word; if you’re going to be talking about a specific exercise, a 15-second video of you demonstrating that exercise is more helpful than 400 words trying to describe it.

Secondly, it helps break up the text and keep readers interested. A good rule of thumb is that for every 800-1000 words, one well-placed picture or video can make a huge difference.

Feel free to use just about any picture that’s relevant, as long as you’re sure to give proper photo credit. (We’d prefer that any and all videos you include in the article be your property, however.)

The main thing is to only use as many as is necessary, and never to shoehorn them in. It should add to the experience of reading the article, not distract from it.

INTERACTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE – Everytime an article gets published I promote it in the Powerilfting University Facebook group. Often readers have questions, and who better to answer those than the author, am I right?

If you love to enage with your audience and answer questions they might have, then you can join our Facebook group here:


Final Notes on Article Submission

  • Please submit complete articles.
  • Submission does not equal publication. However, we will let you know if your article will be published or not and when.
  • Only submit on this page; do not send it through the general contact form on the site, as articles received there will not be considered. 

All of that clear? Perfect. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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As stated previously, this form is the ONLY place to submit articles. Please make sure that all submissions are in compliance with all of the rules and guidelines listed above. Thanks!
Nothing crazy, just a 2-3 sentence summary we can use as an excerpt. Think in terms of a Tweet or Facebook post.